Instructional Videos and Publications These fine products can help you in your quest to learn to draw and paint like the old masters


charcoaldrawingSuccessful Drawing.
200 pages. 100 Illustrations.
A complete learning progressionstarting at the
beginner level and
working to excellence.

eyeofthepainterEye of the Painter.
Over 140 pages. 140 +Illustrations
A complete analysis of the painting process
that looks at the process of creating dynamic
and effective compositions. A great guide to add
expressionistic, creative elements to your paintings.

funwithapencilcoverFun with a Pencil.
Contains 122 pages. Hundreds of illustrations.A fun and highly informative way to learn to
draw. Action lines, perspective, foreshortening.
This has it all.

creative illustrationCreative Illustration.
300 pages. Dynamic Illustrations.
Adding expression, freedom and gesture
to drawings is the mark that all artists strive for.
Learn how in this classic.

drawheadandhands Drawing the Head and Hands
Over 120 pages. 90 +Illustrations
This will give your drawing wings.
Add thesmall elements that make or
break your art. 

figuredrawing Figure Drawing.
Contains over 200 pages. Filled with illustrations.
Achieve the goal of every artist. Learn to draw
any form in any position with style and imagination
 in effortless fashion.


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