Art Preservation Institute Showcase Gallery

Welcome to our Online Showcase

The Online Showcase is a rolling exhibition, offered three times per year, allowing artists to enter multiple paintings for only $15 per entry.    

Active Exhibits are shown below.

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Summer Showcase Winners

1st Place:    'Angela' by Jean Gatewood (center)
2nd Place:  'Human Bonding' by Tricia Alexander (right)
3rd Place:   'Upon a Toadstool by Victoria Hendrix Oppenheimer (left)

Summer Showcase Honorable Mention
  Top Left: 'Nebula Dreams' by Karen Kahn;
Top Center: 'Hermit' by Marsha Reeves;
Top Right: 'Losing Memory' by Melissa Garcia;
Bottom Left: 'Clothe Thee in Righteousness' by Scotti Taylor
Bottom Right: 'Lori' by Barry DeBaun


2024 Autumn Showcase Gallery Opens September 1

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