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We are an all-volunteer, non-profit corporation dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of traditional, representational art and training artists to become skilled, professional, self-sustaining members of society. This includes all types of art genres ranging from pure design and abstract to more representational styles.

Online Showcase Competitions

About the Competitions

We offer three showcase competitions each year in the Spring, Summer and Autumn. Artists compete for cash awards and publication awards. Awardees are featured in our Haywain Magazine. All entrants have their art displayed in our Showcase Exhibits.

Curator's Competition

Curator's Showcase

We also offer an annual Curator's Competition where top artists compete for the honor of joining our distinguished Curator's Circle of fine artists. Competition is intense and selected artists not only receive awards but are allowed to participate in our Corporate Evening Events where their art is given maximum opportunity and exposure to our highest level Corporate Donors.


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