Stepping Up Our Game

Clearing obstacles and finding solutions for underserved local artists and art communities.

Who We Are >

We are a dedicated, all-volunteer group of art professionals, artists and devoted people dedicated to classical art training and ridding the world of the stigma of the under-employed 'starving artist' stereotype.

How To Help >

There are many ways to help promote our mission and make positive changes throughout the art professions. Become a member, volunteer, or participate in our exhibits, competitions and other activities.

What We Do >

We strive to improve the scope and breadth of art education through classical art training and development of professional and entrepreneurial skills. How these skills are applied is up to the artist.  

Where We Work >

Although we have a strong international presence, our emphasis is local, local, local. We can provide a framework within underserved art communities that improves opportunities and visibility for local artists and art organizations. 

Defining a framework and outlook that improves perceptions

Every opportunity should be taken to preserve and protect the perception of art as an uplifting experience created by skilled, professional hands and minds. Your support helps us take on the many threats to the positive contributions that art, artists and art organizations bring to societies across all boundaries.


Our 2026  Goals

Our focus continues to be on local artists, local art organizations and the expansion of the public's knowledge, awareness and appreciation of art and the traditions and methodologies that comprise the artistic process. Together, we can find the paths to make the 'starving artist' a thing of the past.

View Our Priorities


We help by helping communities add cohesiveness to their front-facing art presence through funding, advice and planning... with substantial local flavor and input.


We help by bringing specialized art training programs through accredited university-level courses. Our planned college acquisition will provide professional instruction and certification on an academic and vocational level. It is contemplated that our certificates will be accepted for credit towards an undergraduate degree.


Conducting quality and unique public exhibits with our museum partners keeps the public aware and involved. The exhibits showcase well-known public artists and provide an opportunity for our member artists to exhibit their work alongside major figures in the art world.


We help our mission by increasing donations. Our all-volunteer staff provides most  of the services  but specific projects need extra  assistance.


We help by providing interesting, exciting and educational opportunities for artists. This is not only critical for our artist members but is also crucial to attracting a broader numerical and geographical member base. Award-winning artists in our many competitions can expand their presence through admission to our prestigious Curator's Circle of fine art.


We help by expanding our Corporate Night programs. The benefits are crucial to our theme of art awareness and opportunity. Businesses and organizations can reap the public relations benefits of combining art with advertising, vendor relations and human resource management.

A Synergistic Approach to Art Education

Ways We Take Action

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Exciting Workshops

Our art workshops take us to many exciting locations. The small class sizes and quality instruction lead to rich outcomes... not only at the artistic level but also personally.

Intense Competitions

Throughout the year we hold many contests where artists compete for recognition and cash. Many of the winners are invited into our Curator's Circle of fine art.

Corporate Nights

These are intimate dinner events in a rich art environment. Learn how to integrate our member art in corpoorate advertising, public relations and human resource planning..

Ways You Can Take Action

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