The Starving Artist Stigma

What we do right now will help determine whether we can slow the  worst impacts of the stigma that has attached itself to the art world for decades. Studying art does not cause people to starve. Earning an art degree does not cause low earnings and a bleak future. The artist as entrepreneur is not condemned to economic failure simply by being an artist. Recognizing and facing the real cause will go a long way towards eliminating the stigma of the starving artist and also turning artists into self-sustaining, skilled entrepreneurs.      

Read our full set of goals for 2026 as we tackle how to rid the term 'starving artist' from our vocabulary.

How We’re Tackling 'The Stigma'

We find the people and paths to make it possible. Together we can break down this barrier.


Cultivating a Shift in Public Perception

"It's all art!" We like this phrase because art is an extremely diverse and subjective concept. We're working to help re-shape public attitudes about art. It's a big world. There is room for everyone.


Cultivating a Shift in Artist's Attitudes

 We're striving to change artist's perceptions about their industry.  Artists have been cast as poor, needy and dependent for so long that now even they believe it. Together we can change this.   


Cultivating Entrepreneurism

We're working to make artists less reliant on public dollars and charity by providing additional tools and training that promote independence.


Cultivating Education... Not Matriculation

We're working to establish a new brand of art education through  new educational facilities... facilities that work synergistically with traditional universities.  Learn about New Synergies College of Fine Art.

Our Latest Insights

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Too Much Art

A glimpse through the many websites devoted to art sales quickly reveals that the art market is glutted. Our unique views on art marketing provide insights that can effectively deal with this issue.

Too Many Artists

Everyone's an artist, it seems. It's not that there are too many well-trained, professional artists. It's just that there are too many hobby artists. Our training will help cut through this morass.

Too Many Costs

Though the cost of material has certainly risen, the big increases are in selling costs. Commissions, ads, brochures... all up drastically. We can help with our unique marketing concepts.

Take Action With Us

You can be part of the solution. Learn how you can elevate your impact on a confused and struggling art world. Join our cause and become a member of the Art Preservation Institute today. Your generous support will put the best and most impactful solutions in action.


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