We are an all-volunteer, non-profit corporation dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of traditional, representational art and training artists to become skilled, professional, self-sustaining members of society.

We believe that artists should be well-grounded in traditional skills. This aids the artist when the time arrives to branch off into more esoteric styles and creations. Artists should also be well-grounded in the essential skills of selling and marketing as well as the professional aspects of the art world. We want to eliminate the stereotype of the 'starving artist' from our vocabulary and remove the negative stereotypes that have developed about artists.   

Together we will make it happen.

Finding the Way

Clearing obstacles and finding solutions for underserved local artists and art communities.

Priorities for 2026 >

Our ambitious plans include (i)sponsoring a new type of art college; (ii) displaying an important exhibit from installation artist Liang MingYu featuring life-sized elephants made from recycled denim; and, (iii) increasing our artist and membership base.

How To Help >

There are many ways to help promote our mission and make positive changes to our art communities. Become a member, volunteer with us or participate in our competitions and events.

Frequently Asked >

How may we help you? Find answers to common questions about the Art Preservation Institute. Learn about our organization's outreach, programs and projects. Find out about New Synergies College of Fine Art and how you can help. Find out about our artist competitions.

Make A Donation >

Donate today and you’ll be a member funding  our ambitious schedule of projects, services and advocacy. We offer many ways to give that maximize tax deductions and personal satisfaction.


Bold Inspiration
Our unique approach provides the motivation that produces inspired art.


Dynamic Education

 Beautifully illustrated books, interactional videos and the plein air workshops feature some very spectacular settings.



Artistic Innovation

Looking at the art produced by other cultures can provide the stimulus to innovate and create in new ways.



  Preserving traditional skills employed in creating imagery is essential for preserving and advancing the rich, cultural heritage of art .


What Makes Us Who We Are

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Give With Confidence