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About Our API Artist Memberships

There are three levels of membership for artists: Artist Associate; Juried Artist; and Hall of Fame. Artists must join at the Associate Artist Level. Associate Artists are enrolled through participating in one of our contests that we conduct at various times throughout the year. Membership fees are included as part of the entry fee.

Juried Artist Membership

Juried Artists are Artist Associates that have won an award in one of our contests. In addition to expanded Member Benefits their artwork is added to our Curator's Circle Permanent Collection. This distinction opens up a whole new level of potental financial rewards. Through our contacts with our collectors, patrons, sponsors and corporate members, Juried Artists find their artwork in demand and can earn substantial, recurring fees.

Hall of Fame Membership

Hall of Fame Members are Juried Artist Members that have had their artwork collected by one of our patrons, collectors sponsors or corporate members. This is the highest level of achievement. Artists in this group benefit from personal contact with our patrons via private dinners and corporate events. Their artwork is also featured prominently in our Director's Circle Permanent Art Collection.

Artists can start a new account here or log into their existing account.